Thursday, October 11, 2012

Story of Me

Hi :) As most of you guys probably know, I'm a girl, named Desty from a beautiful island called Lombok. Maybe you don't really know much about Lombok because it's not as popular as Bali, but it actually has beautiful beaches and cool spots as well! It's worth to visit and I'm gonna share a bits of Lombok here in my blog. Well, I recently just moved to Jakarta to continue my high school in IIBS (International Islamic Boarding School). Yes, it is a boarding school, but guess what? It's not that sucks! In fact, I meet a lot of nice people and I kinda like it here. The reason that I study here is because it has an acceleration program which allows me to finish high school in only 2 years. I know it is sad to leave my family behind for two years, but I meet new family in this school which is Axelereight! The fact that we live in the same dorm, creates a strong bond and friendship between each one of us. The best thing about this school is actually its overseas program, or student exchange. The whole batch and I, went to Canada and stayed there for a month. It's been such an amazing and unforgettable moment. Words can't even explain it. I like the fact that I'm able to learn about their culture and encounter a whole different experience. Here are some photos of me and my friend during the stay:

our graduation:

Now that I just finished my high school, it tears me up a bit to know that we're not gonna be together again. I love you and miss you guys! <3

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